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South Korea: Letters from prisoners
1 January 1992

This document contains excerpts from letters received by Amnesty International groups between June and December 1991. Some of the prisoners have ...

Report       ASA 25/003/1992

South Korea: Sok Tal-yun
1 December 1991

Sok Tal-yun, aged 60, is serving a life sentence in Chonju Prison on charges of meeting an alleged North Korean spy and passing military secrets to ...

Report       ASA 25/036/1991

Writers and journalists action 1992
1 November 1991

This paper contains seven appeal cases for writers and journalists who have been threatened, imprisoned or even killed because of their professional ...

Report       ACT 78/001/1991

South Korea: Arrests of political prisoners during 1991
1 November 1991

This document outlines in brief some of the cases of political arrests in South Korea during 1991. Cases reported include the arrest of members of ...

Report       ASA 25/034/1991

Accion de escritores y periodistas de 1992 (9112s)
1 November 1991

Accion de escritores y periodistas de 1992 (9112s)

Report       ACT 78/001/1991

Medical letter writing action: South Korea: Lee Hon-chi and ...
21 October 1991

Lee Hon-chi and Pang Yang-kyun are both reported to be in poor health and appear to be without adequate medical care in Chonju prison, where they ...

Report       ASA 25/033/1991

South Korea: Somiryon Artists imprisoned
30 September 1991

Eleven members of Somiryon, the Seoul affiliate of the National Minjung Arts Movement, were arrested in March 1991. The were reportedly interrogated ...

Report       ASA 25/031/1991

South Korea: Prisoners held for national security offences
30 September 1991

This document summarizes the cases of 35 prisoners, including prisoners of conscience, and members of "anti-state" groups who were arrested under ...

Report       ASA 25/025/1991

South Korea: Prisoner of conscience: Reverend Moon Ik-hwan
30 September 1991

Reverend Moon Ik-hwan, a 73-year-old Presbyterian minister, is serving a 7 year sentence for non-violent political activities. He was first arrested in April ...

Report       ASA 25/032/1991

South Korea: Prisoner of conscience: Park In-bae
30 September 1991

Park In-bae is a 38-year-old stage director who has been sentenced to two years' imprisonment for his non-violent political activities. He is Chairperson ...

Report       ASA 25/028/1991