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Dangerous Deals: Europe's reliance on 'diplomatic ...
12 April 2010

Preventing torture is a fundamental obligation of every state. States are not only obliged to eliminate torture at home, but they must also refuse to forcibly ...

Report       EUR 01/012/2010

Suggested recommendations to states considered in the ...
1 March 2010

In this document Amnesty International makes recommendations to the governments of different states about ratification of International human rights ...

Document       IOR 41/008/2010

Spain: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review ...
9 November 2009

In this submission, Amnesty International provides information as stipulated in the General Guidelines for the Preparation of Information under the Universal ...

Report       EUR 41/013/2009

Spain: Adding insult to injury: Police impunity two years on
3 November 2009

Incidents of torture and other ill-treatment by law enforcement officials across Spain continue to be reported. A few preventative measures have been ...

Document       EUR 41/010/2009

Amnesty International | Spain: Allegations of torture must be ...
3 November 2009

The Spanish authorities need to reform the current system ofinvestigating allegations of torture and other ill-treatment bysecurity forces.

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España: Sal en la herida- dos años despues.
3 November 2009

España: Sal en la herida- dos años despues.

Document       EUR 41/010/2009

Spain: Briefing to Committee against Torture, November 2009
1 November 2009

SPAIN: BRIEFING TO COMMITTEE AGAINST TORTURE. NOVEMBER 2009 Amnesty International Publications First published ...

Report       EUR 41/011/2009

Spain: End Incommunicado detention in Spain (postcard)
15 September 2009

Spain: End Incommunicado detention in Spain (postcard)

Document       EUR 41/006/2009

Spain: Out of the shadows - Time to end incommunicado ...
15 September 2009

Amnesty International considers that the incommunicado regime in Spanish law is a violation of Spain's obligations under international human rights ...

Report       EUR 41/001/2009

Spain: Out of the shadows: End incommunicado detention in ...
15 September 2009

Spanish law allows people to be held incommunicado, which means they have no effective access to a lawyer or to a doctor of their choice, and their ...

Document       EUR 41/005/2009