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Indonesia / East Timor: Seven East Timorese still in danger
4 July 1993

There is serious concern for the safety of seven young East Timorese who entered the embassies of Finland and Sweden in Jakarta on 23 June 1993 ...

Report       ASA 21/018/1993

UA 212/93 - Indonesia / East Timor: fear of arbitrary detention ...
24 June 1993

Seven East Timorese asylum seekers who entered the embassies of Finland and Sweden in Jakarta on 23 June 1993 are at serious risk as long as they ...

Urgent Action       ASA 21/014/1993

UA 183/93 - Sweden: fear of forcible return (refoulement) ...
7 June 1993

Monica Castillo Paez, a Peruvian woman aged 20, has been refused asylum in Sweden and is at risk of forcible return to Peru. She fled Peru in December ...

Urgent Action       EUR 42/001/1993

UA 108/93 - Peru: Fear of torture: Luis Alberto Florian Leon
7 April 1993

There are fears for the physical safety of Luis Alberto Florian Leon who was detained by the security forces on 7 April 1993 after being deported back ...

Urgent Action       AMR 46/010/1993

Further information on UA 211/91 (EUR 42/01/91, 17 June) ...
1 September 1991


Urgent Action       EUR 42/002/1991

Bangladesh: Torture of asylum-seeker returned from Sweden
31 July 1991

The case of the torture of Manirul Murshed, a Bangladeshi asylum-seeker forcibly returned from Sweden on 10 October 1990, is described in this report ...

Report       ASA 13/005/1991

UA 211/91 - Threatened refoulement of an Iranian asylum ...
16 June 1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: EUR 42/01/91. Distr: UA/SC. PLEASE BRING THIS UA TO THE ATTENTION ...

Urgent Action       EUR 42/001/1991

Conscientious objection to military service
1 January 1991

This report summarizes Amnesty International's concerns regarding conscientious objection in 23 countries as of January 1991 (in a few cases ...

Report       POL 31/001/1991