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Amnesty International News Service 88/94
27 April 1994

1. Switzerland: United Nations Committee against Torture recommends reform of legislation on police custody following reports of ill-treatment by police ...

Report       NWS 11/088/1994

Switzerland: Allegations of ill-treatment in police custody
18 April 1994

This document describes AI's concerns about alleged use of physical violence by police against detainees. Many cases involve foreigners and Swiss ...

Report       EUR 43/002/1994

Amnesty International News Service 58/94
23 March 1994

1. Bulgaria: Amnesty International concerned by attacks on Roma community. 2. Switzerland: Allegations of ill-treatment in police custody: a substantial ...

Report       NWS 11/058/1994

Switzerland: Adoption of prisoner of conscience: the case of ...
14 January 1994

Gregoire Fiaux, a 23-year-old laboratory assistant, began a prison sentence of eight months for refusing to perform military service. He reported for military ...

Report       EUR 43/001/1994

Death Penalty News: December 1992
1 December 1992

1. Pakistan: Nineteen executions since April 1992; 2. AI urges Peru not to extend the death penalty; 3. Libya: Resumption of executions; 4. Bangladesh ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/005/1992

Adoption network for conscientious objectors in Western ...
10 June 1992

Nicolas Carron, a 32-year-old agricultural worker from Fully, Canton of Valais, commenced a two-month sentence in Crete-Longue prison on 10 June ...

Report       EUR 43/002/1992

Weekly Update Service 20/92
19 May 1992

1. Lesotho: Amnesty International calls for action against police torturers. 2. Hong Kong: Amnesty International's concerns about refugee screening process ...

Report       NWS 11/020/1992

Death Penalty News April 1992
31 March 1992

1. Switzerland: Total abolition of the death penalty approved by Parliament. 2. European Parliament calls for action against death penalty. 3. Georgia ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/002/1992

Adoption of prisoner of conscience: Switzerland: Stefan ...
20 February 1992

Stefan Hasinger, a 24-year-old printer from Stafa, near Zurich, is currently serving a seven-month prison sentence for refusing to perform military service ...

Report       EUR 43/001/1992

Death Penalty News December 1991
1 December 1991

1. China: executions follow mass sentencing rallies in drug cases; 2. Canada: Prisoners extradited to face capital charges in the USA; 3. Nigeria: ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/005/1991