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Amnesty International News Service 58/94
23 March 1994

1. Bulgaria: Amnesty International concerned by attacks on Roma community. 2. Switzerland: Allegations of ill-treatment in police custody: a substantial ...

Report       NWS 11/058/1994

Switzerland: Adoption of prisoner of conscience: the case of ...
14 January 1994

Gregoire Fiaux, a 23-year-old laboratory assistant, began a prison sentence of eight months for refusing to perform military service. He reported for military ...

Report       EUR 43/001/1994

Death Penalty News: December 1992
1 December 1992

1. Pakistan: Nineteen executions since April 1992; 2. AI urges Peru not to extend the death penalty; 3. Libya: Resumption of executions; 4. Bangladesh ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/005/1992

Adoption network for conscientious objectors in Western ...
10 June 1992

Nicolas Carron, a 32-year-old agricultural worker from Fully, Canton of Valais, commenced a two-month sentence in Crete-Longue prison on 10 June ...

Report       EUR 43/002/1992

Weekly Update Service 20/92
19 May 1992

1. Lesotho: Amnesty International calls for action against police torturers. 2. Hong Kong: Amnesty International's concerns about refugee screening process ...

Report       NWS 11/020/1992

Death Penalty News April 1992
31 March 1992

1. Switzerland: Total abolition of the death penalty approved by Parliament. 2. European Parliament calls for action against death penalty. 3. Georgia ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/002/1992

Adoption of prisoner of conscience: Switzerland: Stefan ...
20 February 1992

Stefan Hasinger, a 24-year-old printer from Stafa, near Zurich, is currently serving a seven-month prison sentence for refusing to perform military service ...

Report       EUR 43/001/1992

Death Penalty News December 1991
1 December 1991

1. China: executions follow mass sentencing rallies in drug cases; 2. Canada: Prisoners extradited to face capital charges in the USA; 3. Nigeria: ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/005/1991

Conscientious objection to military service
1 January 1991

This report summarizes Amnesty International's concerns regarding conscientious objection in 23 countries as of January 1991 (in a few cases ...

Report       POL 31/001/1991