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Taiwan: Three men face execution after unfair trial
1 December 1995

Three men facing execution in Taiwan may have been wrongly convicted on the basis of confessions extracted under torture. Su Chien-ho, Liu Ping- ...

Report       ASA 38/007/1995

The death penalty: No solution to illicit drugs
2 October 1995

This report provides compelling evidence of the futility and injustice of trying to use the death penalty to suppress drug trafficking and abuse. Some 26 ...

Report       ACT 51/002/1995

UA News September 1995: Urgent Action Newsletter
31 August 1995

1. Women under attack, urgent actions and the Fourth UN World Conference on Women; 2. Street action; 3. Dodging the issue, Palestinian prisoner ' ...

Report       ACT 60/002/1995

Urgent Action Newsletter October 1993
30 September 1993

1. USA: Life or death debate (Gary Graham). 2. Network update. 3. Actions speak louder than words - UAs at the World Conference. 4. UAs making news ...

Report       ACT 60/002/1993

Amnesty International News Service 101/93
19 August 1993

1. Brazil: Amnesty International calls for protection of indigenous communities following massacre of Yanomami Indians; 2. Taiwan: Conscript tortured ...

Report       NWS 11/101/1993

Amnesty International News Service 97/93
12 August 1993

1. Taiwan (Republic of China): AI stands by its report that death row prisoners are ill-treated. 2. South Korea: Human rights situation still grim, despite ...

Report       NWS 11/097/1993

Taiwan: Army conscript tortured to death
31 July 1993

Army conscript, Chen Shih-wei, died in army custody on 16 July 1993. Compelling evidence indicates that he was imprisoned and tortured to death ...

Report       ASA 38/008/1993

UA 237/93 - Taiwan: death penalty / treatment in detention ...
19 July 1993

Chou Wei-cheng was sentenced to death by Taipei District Court on 12 July 1993 for kidnapping and holding to ransom businessman Hsu Ming-chuan ...

Urgent Action       ASA 38/007/1993

Amnesty International News Service 83/93
18 July 1993

1. Taiwan: Cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment of prisoners on death row.

Report       NWS 11/083/1993

Taiwan: Ill-treatment on "death row"
30 June 1993

Taiwan (the Republic of China) continues to make active use of the death penalty. According to unofficial sources there were at least 78 executions in ...

Report       ASA 38/002/1993