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Turkey: Fear of torture / fear of "disappearance": Abdulbaki Isik
10 November 1995

The above has not been seen since 28 October 1995 when plainclothes police officers grabbed him in front of his sister's house and toook him away ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/129/1995

Turkey: Further information on fear of torture: Necmiye ...
9 November 1995

Necmiye Aslanoglu has been released. Metin Acet and Nuran Tekdag are still held in police custody.

Urgent Action       EUR 44/128/1995

Turkey: Fear of torture: Necmiye Aslanoglu (f), Metin Acet ...
8 November 1995

On 3 November 1995, the three Kurdish journalists named above were stopped at a roadblock and taken into detention. It is feared they are being interrogated ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/127/1995

Turkey: Further information on fear of "disappearance" / fear of ...
7 November 1995

AI has been informed that the above have been released from police custody.

Urgent Action       EUR 44/124/1995