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Austria urged to protect Turkmenistani activist in exile ...
13 October 2010

Farid Tukhbatullin is believed to be at serious risk of harm after he criticized Turkmenistan's human rights record during a television interview.


Turkmenistan: Severe restrictions on freedom of movement ...
16 August 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT 16 August 2010 AI Index: EUR 61/002/2010. Turkmenistan: Severe ...

Public Statement       EUR 61/002/2010

Turkmenistan: Continuing human rights concerns in ...
1 June 2010

In light of the upcoming round of the EU-Turkmenistan Human Rights Dialogue in June 2010, Amnesty International would like to provide background ...

Report       EUR 61/001/2010

European Social Forum: Take action to carry human rights ...
1 June 2010

In this document Amnesty International calls for the immediate and unconditional release of prisoners of conscience Isroil Kholdorov, Annakurban ...

Document       EUR 04/001/2010

TURKMENISTAN | Amnesty International
22 April 2010

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Turkmenistan: Further information: Environmental activist ...
11 November 2009

On 6 November, male environmentalist Andrei Zatoka was released after he paid a fine of 1000 Manat (about US$350). Eight days earlier, on 29 October ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/008/2009

Turkmenistan: Andrei Zatoka sentenced in unfair trial
5 November 2009

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI: Index: EUR 61/007/2009. 5 November 2009. Turkmenistan: Andrei ...

Document       EUR 61/007/2009

Turkmenistan: Environmentalist arrested in Turkmenistan
27 October 2009

Andrei Zatoka, a 53-year-old male environmentalist, was arrested by police in his home town of Dashoguz, northern Turkmenistan, on 20 October. He ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/006/2009

Turkmenistan: Shed light on the disappeared - Postcard
23 September 2009

Turkmenistan: Shed light on the disappeared - Postcard

Document       EUR 61/005/2009

Turkmenistan | Amnesty International
5 September 2009

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