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Turkmenistan: Further information on prisoners of conscience
14 September 2007

Jehovah's Witness Suleiman Udaev, aged 24, has been released. His release is apparently dependent on a number of conditions. Bayram Ashirgeldiev ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/022/2007

Turkmenistan: Prisoners of conscience: Begench ...
7 September 2007

Begench Shakhmuradov, a Jehovah's Witness from the Turkmenistani capital Ashgabat, is reportedly due to be tried on 10 September 2007 for refusing ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/021/2007

Turkmenistan: Further information on prisoners of conscience
14 August 2007

Suleiman Udaev was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment on 7 August. Amnesty International regards him as a prisoner of conscience, jailed solely ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/019/2007

Turkmenistan: Further information on prisoners of conscience
26 July 2007

Nuryagdy Gairov was released on 23 July. Suleiman Udaev has reportedly been charged with "evasion of call-up to military service" and is awaiting ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/017/2007

Turkmenistan: Further information on prisoners of conscience
23 July 2007

Nuryagdy Gairov (m) has been sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment. Bayram Ashirgeldiev (m) and another Jehovah's Witness, Aleksandr Zuev (m ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/016/2007

Turkmenistan: Prisoners of conscience
5 July 2007

Jehovah's Witnesses Bayram Ashirgeldiev and Nuryagdy Gairov have been detained for refusing to serve in the army on religious grounds, and are ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/015/2007

Turkmenistan: Opposition leader escapes extradition [web ...
8 May 2007

A leading figure in Turkmenistan's political opposition has won the right to stay in Bulgaria. Varna's district court ruled that Annadurdy Khadzhiev should ...

Report       EUR 61/014/2007

Bulgaria: Further information on torture/legal concern ...
3 May 2007

Varna district court's 12 April ruling that Annadurdy Khadzhiev should not be extradited to Turkmenistan was confirmed by Varna appeal court on 3 May ...

Urgent Action       EUR 15/002/2007

Bulgaria: Torture/legal concern: Annadurdy Khadzhiev (m)
20 April 2007

The Bulgarian authorities have received an extradition request from Turkmenistan for Annadurdy Khadzhiev, aged 49, a leader of Turkmenistan's ...

Urgent Action       EUR 15/001/2007

The Wire, April 2007. Vol. 37, No. 3
1 April 2007

1) Elections in Nigeria marred by violence 2) UK still deports to states known to use torture 3) Human rights persistently defiled in 'war on terror': Europe ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/003/2007