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Uganda: Lawyer and activist held incommunicado
17 September 2010

Kenyan lawyer Mbugua Mureithi and human rights activist Al-Amin Kimathi of the Kenyan human rights organisation, the Muslim Human Rights Forum ...

Urgent Action       AFR 59/010/2010

Uganda: Proposed law on the regulation of public meetings by ...
15 September 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index:AFR 59/008/2010. 15 September 2010. Uganda: Proposed ...

Public Statement       AFR 59/008/2010

Uganda forcibly returns 1,700 Rwandan asylum-seekers ...
16 July 2010

Armed police officers round people up at refugee settlements in the south west of the country and force them on to trucks back to Rwanda.


Deadly Uganda blasts condemned | Amnesty International
12 July 2010

At least 64 people were killed when bombs exploded in an Ethiopian restaurant and a rugby club in the capital Kampala.


Amnesty International | Deadly Uganda blasts condemned
12 July 2010

Amnesty International has condemned the bomb blasts that last night hit the Ugandan capital Kampala, leaving at least 64 people dead.

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Opt out system risks undermining ICC | Amnesty International
15 June 2010

Allowing states to protect their leaders from prosecution for the crime of aggression risks undermining the credibility of the International Criminal Court ...


Amnesty International | Proposals threaten International ...
8 June 2010

Amnesty International is today calling on states to reject proposals which could seriously undermine the integrity of the Rome Statute and deeply politicize ...

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Uganda: Somali at risk of forcible return from Uganda
27 May 2010

Mohammad Hassan Haji, a Somali national and asylum-seeker in Uganda, is due to be forcibly returned to Somalia from 31 May 2010, where he would ...

Urgent Action       AFR 59/007/2010

Uganda: Proposed Ugandan media law threatens the right to ...
11 May 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. Date: May 11 2010. Index: AFR 59/006/2010. Proposed Ugandan media ...

Public Statement       AFR 59/006/2010

Uganda: "I can't afford justice" – Time to address violence ...
22 April 2010

In Uganda, violence against women and girls remains widespread in most parts of the country. An estimated two thirds of Ugandan homes have been ...

Document       AFR 59/002/2010