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UA 251/93 - United Kingdom: fear of refoulement: Karamjit ...
29 July 1993

Karamjit Singh Chahal, a Sikh who has lived in the United Kingdom for the past 22 years is at imminent risk of being forcibly returned to India, where ...

Urgent Action       EUR 45/009/1993

United Kingdom: Northern Ireland: fair trial concerns in ...
30 June 1993

The 19 March 1988 shooting of British Army corporals David Howes and Derek Wood at a funeral procession, led to over 200 arrests and 41 prosecutions ...

Report       EUR 45/007/1993

Weekly update service 70/93
22 June 1993

1. United Kingdom: "Punishment" shooting of Edward Kane by IRA.

Report       NWS 11/070/1993

Death penalty news June 1993
31 May 1993

1. Hong Kong and the Gambia abolish death penalty for all crimes. 2. Italy: Moves towards total abolition. 3. USA: Recent developments. 4. Uganda: ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/002/1993

Weekly Update Service 42/93
29 April 1993

1. Turkey: Response to Turkish Ambassador's letter concerning human rights abuses by armed opposition groups. 2. Bolivia: Supreme Court reaches ...

Report       NWS 11/042/1993

United Kingdom: Northern Ireland: the right of silence
1 February 1993

This report describes AI's concerns about the application of the Criminal Evidence (Northern Ireland) Order 1988 to people arrested under emergency ...

Report       EUR 45/001/1993

Racist torture and ill-treatment by police in Western Europe ...
11 December 1992

Cases of racist ill-treatment and torture by police in seven West European countries are described here. They are: the beating and ill-treatment of two ...

Report       EUR 03/001/1992

United Kingdom: Fair trial concerns in Northern Ireland: the ...
1 November 1992

This document describes AI's concerns about the curtailment of the right of silence of all people involved in criminal proceedings in Northern Ireland. ...

Report       EUR 45/002/1992

Death Penalty News September 1992
31 August 1992

1. Paraguay abolishes the death penalty for ordinary crimes. 2. Amnesty International cautions Philippines against reintroduction of the death penalty ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/004/1992

Weekly Update Service 27/92 (includes 2 additions)
7 July 1992

1. Zimbabwe: Poaching and unexplained deaths. 2. Myanmar / Burma: Release of further prisoners of conscience and other political prisoners. 3. Tunisia ...

Report       NWS 11/027/1992