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Ukraine: The Death Penalty
20 August 1998

This brief public document provides information on the death penalty in Ukraine.

Report       EUR 50/008/1998

Death Penalty News March 1998
26 March 1998

1.Azerbaijan and Estonia abolish the death penalty; 2.Guatemala's first lethal injection execution "botched"; 3.South Korea executes 23; 4.USA; (Iowa ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/002/1998

Ukraine: Fear of torture or ill-treatment
10 March 1998

Sergey Mikhailovich Voronok, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Crimea, and Aleksandr Vitalyvich Kovalenko, a deputy of the Yalta City Council: There ...

Urgent Action       EUR 50/005/1998

Ukraine: Government action needed now to abolish death ...
29 January 1998

News Service 16/98. AI INDEX: EUR 50/02/98. 29 JANUARY 1998. Ukraine: Government action needed now to abolish death penalty. ...

Press Release       EUR 50/002/1998

Death Penalty News December 1997
1 January 1998

1. Georgia becomes 100th abolitionist country; 2. Jamaica: Executions feared after withdrawal from human rights protocol; 3. Trinidad & Tobago: Possible ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/001/1998

Ukraine: Further information on death penalty / ill-treatment ...
9 September 1997

Mykola Khokhlich, aged 21, Aleksey Gaga, aged 21: AI has learned that Mykola Khokhlich is at risk of imminent exectuion unless President Kuchma ...

Urgent Action       EUR 50/016/1997

Ukraine: Death penalty
8 September 1997

Sergey Valerevich Romanov and Ruslan Yusev; prisoners on death row since before 1997: Official confirmation that 13 death row prisoners have been ...

Urgent Action       EUR 50/015/1997

Ukraine: Death penalty / ill-treatment
9 July 1997

Mykola Khokhlich, aged 21, Aleksey Gaga, aged 21: The two men named above were sentenced to death by Khmelnitsky Regional Court on 9 February ...

Urgent Action       EUR 50/013/1997

Death Penalty News June 1997
31 May 1997

1. AI calls for abolition in Africa; 2. UN Special Rapporteur says "No right to Capital Punishment; 3. AI calls on Southeast Asian countries to halt executions ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1997

Ukraine: Fear of torture: Sergey Valkovanyish
7 May 1997

There is concern for the safety of Sergey Valkovanyish who was reportedly arrested on 27 March 1997 and tortured for five days in police custody. His ...

Urgent Action       EUR 50/012/1997