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Amnesty International News Service 245/94
28 October 1994

1. Venezuela: Amnesty International denies allegations in the press.

Report       NWS 11/245/1994

Venezuela: Family of peasant activist targeted by army unit
30 September 1994

An AI delegate visited the western state of Zulia in Venezuela in May 1994 to investigate reports of serious human rights violations which the organization ...

Report       AMR 53/010/1994

UA 339/94 - Venezuela: ill-treatment / prisoner of conscience ...
13 September 1994

Gabriel Rivas Granadillo, leader of La Chivera peasants' union, was arrested without a warrant on 2 July 1994 by members of the state police in Valencia ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/009/1994

Further information on UA 308/94 (AMR 53/07/94, 23 August) ...
29 August 1994

A relative of Jose Manuel Flores has confirmed that the four men named above have been tortured by members of the Directorate of Intelligence and ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/008/1994

UA 308/94 - Venezuela: ill-treatment / torture: Jose Manuel ...
22 August 1994

The four men named above are being held incommunicado by military intelligence in Caracas. They were arrested by the state police on 17 August ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/007/1994

UA 301/94 - Venezuela: death threats: Staff of the Network for ...
14 August 1994

On 5 August 1994 two staff members of the Red de Apoyo por la Justicia y la Paz received death threats in an anonymous phone call to their office. These ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/006/1994

Amnesty International News Service 177/94
9 August 1994

1. Haiti: Any diplomatic mission to Haiti must address human rights violations.

Report       NWS 11/177/1994

Semana de AI 1994: Ninos y jovenes - casos de llamamiento
30 June 1994

Semana de AI 1994: Ninos y jovenes - casos de llamamiento

Report       ACT 31/002/1994

AI Week 1994: Children and young people: cases for appeals
30 June 1994

This document contains fourteen cases of young people in various countries who have suffered human rights violations. They are: the torture of 9-year ...

Report       ACT 31/002/1994

Semaine Enfants et Jeunes 1994 d'Amnesty International: Cas ...
30 June 1994

INTERNE (à l'attention exclusive Index AI : ACT 31/02/94/F. des membres d'AI) Distr : SC/SS/PG. -----. Amnesty International. ...

Report       ACT 31/002/1994