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Campaign against political killings and disappearances ...
30 September 1993

This report first examines the role of medico-legal skills in uncovering and exposing human rights violations, through the use of forensic pathology and ...

Report       ACT 33/036/1993

The lives behind the lies: the campaign against " ...
27 September 1993

AI INDEX: ACT 33/09/93. @The lives behind the lies: the campaign against "disappearances" and political killings (text ...

Report       ACT 33/009/1993

UA 340/93 - Venezuela: arbitrary killing / fear of torture: Sergio ...
23 September 1993

Sergio Rodriguez Yance, an employee of the Venezuelan Central University, was shot by security forces who were dispersing a student demonstration ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/011/1993

Further information on UA 285/93 (AMR 19/26/93, 20 August) ...
7 September 1993

Information now available has partially clarified reports of the massacre of Yanomami Indians from the village of Haximu, on the Brazilian/Venezuelan ...

Urgent Action       AMR 19/029/1993

Weekly Update Service 38/93
21 April 1993

1. Venezuela: Foreign Ministry delegation visits Amnesty International.

Report       NWS 11/038/1993

Venezuela: The Amparo massacre: four years on
31 March 1993

Over four years after the killing of 14 peasants by a joint police-military unit at Cano La Colorada near El Amparo, the case has still not been resolved ...

Report       AMR 53/005/1993

Venezuela: Extrajudicial execution of two Wayuu Indians
1 March 1993

Pedro Jose Paz, 21 and Nasser Palmar, 22, two Wayuu Indians, were shot dead by members of the security forces on 12 October 1992, during a visit ...

Report       AMR 53/001/1993

UA 43/93 - Venezuela: death threats: Ivo Rodriguez Escudero
19 February 1993

Ivo Rodriguez Escudero, a student at the University of Carabobo, has reportedly received death threats from members of the security police. On 2 February ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/003/1993

Weekly Update Service 05/93
22 January 1993

1. Venezuela: Amnesty International delegation visits Venezuela.

Report       NWS 11/005/1993

Weekly Update Service 49/92
10 December 1992

1. India: Amnesty International concerned by police killings following mosque demolition at Ayodhya. 2. India: New allegations of rape by army personnel ...

Report       NWS 11/049/1992