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UA 340/93 - Venezuela: arbitrary killing / fear of torture: Sergio ...
23 September 1993

Sergio Rodriguez Yance, an employee of the Venezuelan Central University, was shot by security forces who were dispersing a student demonstration ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/011/1993

Further information on UA 285/93 (AMR 19/26/93, 20 August) ...
7 September 1993

Information now available has partially clarified reports of the massacre of Yanomami Indians from the village of Haximu, on the Brazilian/Venezuelan ...

Urgent Action       AMR 19/029/1993

Weekly Update Service 38/93
21 April 1993

1. Venezuela: Foreign Ministry delegation visits Amnesty International.

Report       NWS 11/038/1993

Venezuela: The Amparo massacre: four years on
31 March 1993

Over four years after the killing of 14 peasants by a joint police-military unit at Cano La Colorada near El Amparo, the case has still not been resolved ...

Report       AMR 53/005/1993

Venezuela: Extrajudicial execution of two Wayuu Indians
1 March 1993

Pedro Jose Paz, 21 and Nasser Palmar, 22, two Wayuu Indians, were shot dead by members of the security forces on 12 October 1992, during a visit ...

Report       AMR 53/001/1993

UA 43/93 - Venezuela: death threats: Ivo Rodriguez Escudero
19 February 1993

Ivo Rodriguez Escudero, a student at the University of Carabobo, has reportedly received death threats from members of the security police. On 2 February ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/003/1993

Weekly Update Service 05/93
22 January 1993

1. Venezuela: Amnesty International delegation visits Venezuela.

Report       NWS 11/005/1993

Weekly Update Service 49/92
10 December 1992

1. India: Amnesty International concerned by police killings following mosque demolition at Ayodhya. 2. India: New allegations of rape by army personnel ...

Report       NWS 11/049/1992

UA 378/92 - Venezuela: fear of torture / legal concern: Luis ...
1 December 1992

Those mentioned above are among hundreds of people - civilian and military -arrested following a coup attempt by members of the armed forces on ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/010/1992

UA 377/92 - Venezuela: possible extrajudicial executions ...
30 November 1992

AI is concerned about reports of killings in circumstances suggesting extrajudicial execution. Most occurred on 27 November 1992, the day that ...

Urgent Action       AMR 53/009/1992