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Amnesty International News, May 1993. Vol.23, No.5.
30 April 1993

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Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1993

Viet Nam: Doan Viet Hoat and seven others sentenced to long ...
31 March 1993

Doan Viet Hoat, a prisoner of conscience, and seven others were sentenced to long jail terms at a public trial on 29-30 March 1993 in Ho Chi Minh City ...

Report       ASA 41/003/1993

Medical letter writing action: Viet Nam: Tran Vong Quoc
12 March 1993

Tran Vong Quoc, son of the former Chairman of the Viet Nam chapter of the International League for Human Rights who was also, prior to 1975, a leading ...

Report       ASA 41/002/1993

Viet Nam: Four film-workers imprisoned for role in "reactionary ...
1 February 1993

At least four people in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam received prison sentences in November 1992, allegedly for associating with a foreign film ...

Report       ASA 41/001/1993

Religious Action 1993 (includes correction)
30 September 1992

The cases reported here are: the killing of Quranic teacher Faky Ali Ahmat in Chad; killing of at least 37 people during a peaceful Catholic demonstration ...

Report       ACT 79/001/1992

UA 296/92 - Viet Nam: health concern: Nguyen Si Binh
21 September 1992

AI is concerned about the health of Nguyen Si Binh, a 37-year-old nuclear engineer and businessman arrested on 25 April 1992 for allegedly attempting ...

Urgent Action       ASA 41/010/1992

Medical letter writing action: Viet Nam: Do Ngoc Long
29 June 1992

AI is seriously concerned about Do Ngoc Long, a 56-year-old prisoner of conscience who has been detained without trial since April 1990. He is reported ...

Report       ASA 41/009/1992

Weekly Update Service 25/92 (includes addition)
23 June 1992

1. Viet Nam: Releases reported, some detainees still held. 2. Greece: Government responds to AI reports of torture.

Report       NWS 11/025/1992

Viet Nam: Doan Viet Hoat: forthcoming trial of prisoner of ...
31 May 1992

Doan Viet Hoat, a former teacher and university administrator, was arrested on 17 November 1990 and has been held without trial since then. AI has ...

Report       ASA 41/007/1992

Viet Nam: Arrests of political prisoners, 1990-1991
31 May 1992

This paper describes AI's current concerns in Viet Nam: while welcoming the releases of political prisoners in late 1991 and early 1992, AI continues ...

Report       ASA 41/001/1992