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Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Buddhist monks in detention
30 April 1994

Several monks of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Viet Nam (UBCV) were arrested in central and south Viet Nam in 1993, evoking the confrontations ...

Report       ASA 41/005/1994

Viet Nam: medical letter writing action: Nguyen Van Thuan
3 March 1994

Nguyen Van Thuan is a 61-year-old prisoner of conscience prosecuted on political charges relating to his work with the Cao Trao Nhan Ban (High Tide ...

Report       ASA 41/002/1994

Viet Nam: Rearrest of government critic
1 March 1994

Nguyen Ho, 77-year-old former chairman of the veterans association "Club of Resistance Fighters", was reportedly rearrested on 7 March 1994 for writing ...

Report       ASA 41/003/1994

UA 02/94 - Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: death penalty ...
10 January 1994

Nguyen Quang Thanh, a former navy captain, was sentenced to death on 30 December 1993 by a military court in Danang City. He had been convicted ...

Urgent Action       ASA 41/001/1994

Further information on UA 179/93 (ASA 41/04/93, 3 June) ...
15 November 1993

Wong Chi Shing may soon be executed following President Le Duc Anh's recent rejection of his appeal. Wong Chi Shing is a Hong Kong resident with ...

Urgent Action       ASA 41/010/1993

Medical letter writing action - Viet Nam: Doan Viet Hoat
2 November 1993

Doan Viet Hoat is a 52-year-old academic who is serving a sentence of 15 years' imprisonment for counter-revolutionary activities. The charge resulted ...

Report       ASA 41/009/1993

Medical letter writing action: Viet Nam: Dr Nguyen Dan Que
17 October 1993

Dr Nguyen Dan Que is a prisoner of conscience who was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment and five years of house arrest after a trial on 29 November ...

Report       ASA 41/008/1993

Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: Continuing concerns
30 September 1993

While welcoming recent positive legal and political developments in Viet Nam, there are continued concerns about existing legal and political practices ...

Report       ASA 41/006/1993

Viet Nam: medical letter writing action: Quach Vinh Nien
15 September 1993

Quach Vinh Nien, a 49-year-old political prisoner was sentenced in 1980 to life imprisonment on charges which appear to have stemmed from newspaper ...

Report       ASA 41/007/1993

UA 209/93 - Socialist Republic of Viet Nam: death penalty ...
23 June 1993

Tran Ngoc Minh was sentenced to death on 3 June 1993 by the Supreme People's Court in Ha Noi for two murders committed on 23 April 1993.

Urgent Action       ASA 41/005/1993