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Yemen: Fatima Hussein Badi: Letter Writing Marathon: Write ...
10 November 2011

Call for Fatima Hussein Badi's death sentence to be commuted in Yemen. She was convicted after an unfair trial.

Document       MDE 31/012/2011

Amnesty International | UN Security Council resolution on ...
22 October 2011

The UN Security Council's condemnation of the ongoing grave human rights violations in Yemen is welcome, but any call for accountability is doomed ...

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UN Security Council resolution on Yemen falls short | Amnesty ...
22 October 2011

The UN Security Council's endorsement of a deal urging the Yemeni president to step down must not be interpreted as backing immunity.


Arms transfers to the Middle East and North Africa: Lessons for ...
19 October 2011

Police and security forces in the Middle East and North Africa responded to the mass popular uprisings witnessed there after December 2010 with brutal ...

Report       ACT 30/117/2011

Yemeni women attacked while celebrating Nobel Peace Prize ...
10 October 2011

Pro-government "thugs" attacked a peaceful women's march in the Yemeni city of Ta'izz, called to celebrate a Yemeni woman's Nobel Peace Prize.


Yemen violence surges as protesters are killed | Amnesty ...
19 September 2011

Dozens killed as security forces use snipers and rocket- propelled grenades against protesters in Sana'a.


Yemen: Further information: Five men close to execution
12 September 2011

Five men under sentence of death in Yemen are at imminent risk of execution, possibly within days.

Urgent Action       MDE 31/014/2011

Yemeni man at risk of execution
16 August 2011

Ahmed Omar al-Abbadi al-Markashi, a Yemeni security guard, had his death sentence upheld by the Court of Appeal in June 2011. If his death sentence ...

Urgent Action       MDE 31/013/2011

The Wire, August 2011. Special Supplement
1 August 2011

1) Introduction 2) Establishing roots 3) Not giving up 4) On the side of human rights 5) Change and continuity 6) Dangerous work 7) Puncturing the secrecy ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/003/2011

Yemen: Further information: Executions postponed
6 July 2011

Five men under sentence of death in Yemen were not executed on 6 July as feared. However, they could still be executed at any time as they have ...

Urgent Action       MDE 31/011/2011