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March – April 2013 (PDF, 28 pages, 2.2 MB)

Activists worldwide are gearing up to make history, calling for an Arms Trade Treaty that protects human rights. Join our global week of action from 11-18 March.

Amnesty Researcher CILINA NASSER and Senior Crisis Advisor DONATELLA ROVERA reflect on the terrible human cost of the uprising in Syria.

Four Romani activists talk to WIRE about the effects of racism and segregation on their lives as Amnesty prepares to launch a new global campaign to end discrimination against Roma across Europe.

Also in this edition: renditions in Europe, death penalty in Belarus, human rights abuses in Iraq, Art for Amnesty, plus Agenda, good news and worldwide appeals.


January – February 2013 (PDF, 24 pages, 4.2 MB)

Musa’ab Omar Al Madhwani has been held at Guantánamo Bay detention centre for a decade. Aged 32, he has spent almost a third of his life there, yet he still hasn’t been charged with any crime by the US government. Read his story.

Morroccan school student, Ayoub Soudi, is one of more than 40,000 young people to get involved in Amnesty’s Human Rights Friendly Schools project. He tells WIRE how the project is inspiring change.

Also in this edition: Haitians still living in tents after the 2010 earthquake are now facing forced evictions; Nigeria’s security forces are killing civilians in the name of counter-terrorism.

Read our review of the year in human rights and take action on our Worldwide Appeals.


November - December 2012 (PDF, 24 pages, 3.5 MB)

Members of feminist punk band Pussy Riot were sentenced in August to two years’ imprisonment for performing a protest song in a cathedral. Two remain in prison. Take action for freedom of expression in Russia.

Activists from Egypt to South Africa are confronting violence against women and sexual minorities head on. Find out more and take part in our 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence.

Our Write for Rights letter-writing campaign celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, but it started out as a grassroots idea in Poland. Join in our letter-writing marathon with this edition’s Worldwide Appeals.

September - October 2012 (PDF, 24 pages, 1.7 MB)

Europe’s Roma are being forced into segregated camps. Find out about one Roma community in Italy, where people live under constant threat of eviction.

The 10th anniversary of the International Day against the Death Penalty is on 10 October. Read our interview with veteran anti-death penalty activist Carmelo Campos-Cruz.

Also, Thirty years ago, 200 people were massacred at El Calabozo in El Salvador. Survivors are still waiting for justice but refuse to be silenced. Read their story.

Take action on our Worldwide Appeals.

July – August 2012 (PDF, 24 pages, 2.1MB)

In this issue: meet the women still fighting for justice after the 1984 chemical disaster in Bhopal, India; find out about Pakistan’s disappearance crisis, and the campaign to release two men who have been in solitary confinement in a US prison for over 40 years.

Also: see our photo story about refugees in South Sudan who have fled bombs and hunger; read about the ghost town of Tawargha, where a whole community was destroyed after the conflict in Libya, and about the 10th anniversary of the International Criminal Court.

Take action on our Worldwide Appeals.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our reader survey. The three winners of our prize draw will receive their Amnesty International t-shirt soon. 

May – June 2012 (PDF, 24 pages, 1.55MB)

In this issue: policing of demonstrations in Europe, the Sarayaku Indigenous Community’s fight for their land in Ecuador and journalists at risk in Africa.

Also, read our round-up of Amnesty’s 50th anniversary campaign successes and find out how social media revolutionized campaigning in Italy.

Take action on our Worldwide Appeals and tweet your call for change in Iran and the Niger Delta.


March – April 2012 (PDF, 24 pages, 4.05MB)


Health workers in Syria and Bahrain are being arrested and tortured for doing their job, African communities are fighting back against forced evictions and 2012 could be the year of an international Arms Trade Treaty that protects human rights. 

Plus, reflecting on a year of uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, supporting women’s demand for an equal voice in the region, and and all our regular sections.

Take action on all these campaigns and don’t forget our latest worldwide appeals.

January – February 2012 (PDF, 24 pages, 1.5 MB)

The Sudanese authorities are bombing civilians in Southern Kordofan. In Central African Republic, the Lord’s Resistance Army is wreaking havoc with civilian lives. Read the stories of those affected and find out what you can do to help in our feature and interview.

Long-time death row prisoner, Troy Davis, was executed in the USA in September. We remember his courage and look to the future of the campaign to end the death penalty.

Plus, regional and campaign news in The Agenda, migrants’ rights issues in Greece, Nepal and Mexico, and aboriginal Peoples in Australia defending their homelands.

Don’t forget to take action on our worldwide appeals.

October – November 2011 (PDF, 24 pages, 2.8 MB)

In this edition, we look at the plight of refugees and asylum-seekers who have been caught up in Libya’s internal conflict. Plus, police accountability is under scrutiny in Nigeria and the Dominican Republic.

Follow our campaign actions on ending violence against women and take a look at The Agenda – our new section on regional and campaign news.

Take action on our Worldwide Appeals.

Special 50th anniversary edition (PDF, 36 pages, 3 Mb)

During our anniversary year, we are more persistent than ever to unite against injustice.

We step up our campaign against the death penalty, push the oil industry to clean up their act in the Niger Delta, we demand justice for the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we support Egyptian women who want an equal voice in their country, and we defend women's and girls' rights in Nicaragua, where all abortion is banned.

This special anniversary edition of Wire has everything you need to know about the six campaigns that will spearhead our work in the coming months.

Also, act on our Worldwide Appeals and action cards to show your support for human rights.

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