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Latest editions

You can download PDFs of the last few editions of Wire by clicking on the links below.

April - May 2009 (pdf, 24 pages, 1.6 MB)

When Rescuers Become Casualties (pages 2-4)
On the right way to justice (page 5)
Childhood Denied (pages 15-17)

February - March 2009 (pdf, 24 pages, 2.1 MB)

Women make history (pages 4-6)
'I had to stay quiet...' Sexual violence during haiti carnival(pages 7-8)
War in Eastern Congo(pages 17-19)

December 2008 (pdf, 24 pages, 5.5 MB)

Happy Birthday to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! (pages 2-5)
Defend the Defenders - the role of human rights defenders in a changing world (pages 15

November 2008 (pdf, 1 page, 93.4KB)

Journalist silenced by terrorism legislation(page 1)
Teenage girls held without charge or trial (page 1)
Left for dead by police (page 1)

October 2008 (pdf, 2 pages, 310KB)

The Wire is changing!(page 1)
Forty years on death row (page 1)
Executions and floggings may be imminent (page 2)

September 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 606KB)

Denying the undeniable: enforced disappearances in Pakistan (page 1)
Fears of forced returns to Eritrea (page 2)
Escaping prisoners killed in cold blood

July 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 725KB)

State of denial: Europe’s role in rendition and secret detention(p.1)
Migrants attacked in South Africa (p.1)
China's human rights record overshadows Oly

June 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 373KB)

Bodies in the streets: violence in Somalia (p. 1)
Iraq refugee crisis continues to deepen (p. 1)
Thai government must uphold the rights of refugees (p. 2

May 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 244KB)

Leave or be killed: Mauritania’s ‘Guantanamito’(p. 1)
Azerbaijan – heightened concerns for safety of independent journalists (p. 2)
Honduras – a step cl

April 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 504KB)

Inside US network of secret jails (p. 1)
Conveyor belt of injustice in Nigerian prisons (p. 1)
Liberian women struggle to rebuild their lives after war (

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