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Latest editions

You can download PDFs of the last few editions of Wire by clicking on the links below.

July 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 725KB)

State of denial: Europe’s role in rendition and secret detention(p.1)
Migrants attacked in South Africa (p.1)
China's human rights record overshadows Oly

June 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 373KB)

Bodies in the streets: violence in Somalia (p. 1)
Iraq refugee crisis continues to deepen (p. 1)
Thai government must uphold the rights of refugees (p. 2

May 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 244KB)

Leave or be killed: Mauritania’s ‘Guantanamito’(p. 1)
Azerbaijan – heightened concerns for safety of independent journalists (p. 2)
Honduras – a step cl

April 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 504KB)

Inside US network of secret jails (p. 1)
Conveyor belt of injustice in Nigerian prisons (p. 1)
Liberian women struggle to rebuild their lives after war (

March 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 536KB)

Stolen childhood, lost learning (p. 1)
Women act against repression in Iran (p. 1)
Women unite to defend their rights (p. 2)

February 2008 (pdf, 4 pages, 369kb)

Cambodia burns the homes of its poor (p. 1)
Palestinian children still wait for their parents' release (p. 1)
A bleak year for journalists and freedom of

December 2007 (4 pages, 289kb)

No charge, no trial, no legal redress (p. 1)
Needed but unwanted (p. 1)
Education system still failing Romani children in Slovakia (p. 2)

November 2007 (4 pages, 526kb)

Forgotten victims (p. 1)
International forces fail Afghan detainees (p. 1)
Thousands raped in Burundi (p. 2)

October 2007 (4 pages, 532kb)

Fear and violence in the wild north (p. 1)
Bush gives green light to CIA secret detention (p. 1)
Stop the death penalty - the world decides (p. 2-3)

September 2007 (4 pages, 580kb)

Peace talks ignore rights (p. 1)
Impunity entrenched in Oaxaca City (p. 1)
Arms trade treaty must have human rights at its heart (p. 2)

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