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Human rights diplomacy is everybody’s business. Make your voice count at the UN: join Amnesty International’s UN campaigns!

The UN is essential to ensuring accountability by member states for their human rights obligations and commitments. The UN is also a key platform for the development of international human rights laws and standards.

Amnesty International campaigns to put human rights violations on the UN agenda and makes recommendations for action by member states and UN institutions to protect human rights in all countries. Amnesty International also works to strengthen the effectiveness of the UN human rights machinery.


News and Updates

Landslide UN vote in favour of developing an Arms Trade Treaty

4 November 2008

One hundred and forty-seven states voted overwhelmingly at the United Nations on Friday to move forward with work on the main elements of an Arms Trade Treaty.

Japan urged to restore dignity to WWII "comfort women"

3 November 2008

The UN Human Rights Committee has called on the Government of the Japan to restore dignity to the survivors of Japan’s military sexual slavery system.

UN discusses crucial step on economic, social and cultural rights

24 October 2008

The UN General Assembly is due to discuss taking a crucial step to secure access to justice for everyone whose economic, social and cultural rights are violated and

Five jailed in Chile ten years after Pinochet arrest

16 October 2008

Chile's Supreme Court jailed five retired military officials on Wednesday for involvement in the "Caravan of Death" – one of the cases for which Augu

Global week of action to support Arms Trade Treaty

12 September 2008

The World is Watching week will see activists and supporters of the Control Arms Campaign in more than 50 countries urge their governments to reach an agreement on an

Video and Audio

Video: The Price of Silence global musical mosaic

10 December 2008

The Price of Silence is a global musical mosaic that powerfully delivers on the message that human rights begin at home and that people world-wide are united in figh

Video: Sixty years of human rights failure

27 May 2008

Amnesty International has challenged world leaders to apologize for six decades of human rights failure and re-commit themselves to deliver concrete improvements.

Video: How things could change

24 October 2008

How things could change if those who suffered violations of their Economic, Social and Cultural rights could get redress.