Amnesty International in your country

We have more than 2.8 million members, supporters and subscribers in over 150 countries and territories, in every region of the world.

We help stop human rights abuses by mobilizing the public to put pressure on governments, armed political groups, companies and intergovernmental bodies via:

  • publication and promotion of our research findings 
  • public demonstrations
  • vigils
  • letter-writing campaigns
  • human rights education
  • awareness-raising concerts
  • direct lobbying
  • targeted appeals
  • email petitions and other online actions
  • partnerships with local campaigning groups
  • community activities
  • co-operation with student groups

We have offices in 80 countries around the world. If you would like to join, donate or volunteer your time to Amnesty International, please contact the Amnesty International office in your country/territory using the drop-down list to the right, 'Choose a country'.

If you have concerns about human rights issues in any particular country, please contact the International Secretariat.


How you can help