Julio Torales

Julio Torales, who is from Paraguay, is a medical doctor specializing in Clinical Psychiatry. He currently works as Head of the Human Rights Department, Head of Admissions, and as Senior Lecturer/Reader in Neurochemistry and Senior Lecturer/Reader in Human Rights and Mental Health at the Department of Psychiatry of the School of Medical Sciences at the National University of Asunción.

In the human rights field, Julio is an expert on youth participation and activism, sexual and reproductive rights, and gender mainstreaming. Julio served as a board member of the Paraguayan Network Against All Forms of Discrimination, and as a board member of the Latin American Coalition for the Prevention of Armed Violence. He had been also one of the authors of the Human Rights Annual Report of the Paraguayan Coalition for Human Rights.

Julio joined Amnesty International's Section in Paraguay in 2002, where he served as Chef de Cabinet of the Office of the chairperson, Chair of the Standing Committee on Human Rights Policy from 2003-2005, and Chair of Amnesty International Paraguay's Board from 2005-2009. At the global level, he was a member of Amnesty International’s Chairs Forum Steering Committee from 2006-2008, and a member of Amnesty International’s Identity-based Discrimination Coordinating Team from 2007-2009. Julio was first elected to the IEC in August 2009, and re-elected to office in 2011.

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