05 marzo 2013
End Torture in Mexico

Portrait photo of Miriam Isaura Lopez Vargas.  © Agencia Reforma 

On the 2 February 2011 Miriam López was arbitrarily arrested and tortured by Mexican soldiers. In order to get Miriam López to implicate herself and others in drug trafficking offences, they subjected her to electric shocks, near asphyxiation and raped her three times. Miriam López was eventually released without charges. She has been brave enough to file a formal complaint, but nobody has been brought to justice.

Miriam Lopez is not the only one. In the last few years thousands of Mexicans have reported torture and ill-treatment at the hands of soldiers and police. In the vast majority of these cases those responsible are never held to account.

In 2012 the UN recommended a set of measures for Mexico to implement to combat torture, but so far the government has not taken them forward.

Join Miriam to demand justice and end torture in Mexico by signing the email petition below.

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