09 février 2012
Russia: Help Stop the Bloodshed in Syria

A peaceful pro-reform demonstration in Baniyas, Syria, 6 May 2011 -Copyright  Third Party


On 04 February 2012 Russia and China vetoed a rather weak draft UN Security Council resolution on Syria despite wide spread backing of the resolution by the other UN Security Council members. 

The veto was accompanied by a shocking escalation in the use of force by the Syrian authorities against several residential areas of Homs. According to our contacts on the ground, more than 300 people have since been killed in Syria, 280 in the city of Homs alone. The majority of the dead are unarmed people. Hundreds others are reported to have been injured and most of them are being treated in makeshift field hospitals or at their homes. Arrests continue to be carried out across Syria and thousands are believed to be detained incommunicado and are at high risk of torture and other ill-treatment.

Amnesty International considered the Russian and Chinese governments’ double veto as “completely irresponsible” and a “shockingly callous betrayal of the people of Syria.”

The Syrian government seems to think that the Security Council veto has given it the green light to crush resistance in Syria by any means – Russia needs to make clear, with a loud voice, that this is not the case

Send an email to Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov- Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

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