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World regions Midde East and North Africa Asia Pacific Europe and Central Asia Africa Americas


A number of countries in Africa celebrated the 50th anniversary of their independence during the year while others prep ...


The popular movements across North Africa resonated with people in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in countries with r ...


The deepening crisis in Mali in 2012 reflected many of the region’s deep-rooted problems. Across Africa, people’s l ...


In the Americas many human rights have been recognized in law, if not always in practice, over the past 50 years. Whi ...


On 11 August 2011, Judge Patrícia Acioli was shot 21 times outside her home in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro state, Braz ...


The widespread human rights violations of the past, and the failure to hold those responsible to account, have cast a ...

Asia Pacific

In a region with almost two thirds of the world’s population, stretching a third of the way around the planet, ...

Asia Pacific

As winds of political change blew in from the Middle East and North Africa, several governments in the Asia-Paci ...

Asia Pacific

In countries across Asia-Pacific, the simple act of publicly expressing one’s opinion – whether on the street ...

Europe & Central Asia

The right to truth and justice, and the determination of victims and their relatives to achieve this how ...

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