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Welcome to Amnesty International’s Activism Centre, where you can take action to help end human rights violations across the globe. You can sign online petitions, use other activism tools and get updates of Amnesty International campaigns. Take a look and discover how you can make a difference!

Release pro-democracy youth activists in Azerbaijan

Shahin Novruzlu and fellow youth activists from the pro-democracy movement NIDA campaigned for democracy and against human rights abuses and widespread corruption in Azerbaijan. Help Shahin and his friends. Write to the President of Azerbaijan and urge him to immediately release the NIDA activists.
Stop Hate Crimes in Greece

Help bring justice to a Roma family in Greece and set a precedent for all Roma communities.
Barbados: take the first step to ending the death penalty!

Demand the authorities of Barbados end the mandatory death penalty.
The time is up: protect civilians in Central African Republic

Hundreds of thousands of civilians need effective protection from the international community.
Venezuela Protests

Human rights at risk, people at risk. The time to act is now.
No to confessions through torture in Russia.

Call on the Russian authorities to effectively investigate the torture inflicted on Rasul Kudaev.
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