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Release pro-democracy youth activists in Azerbaijan

Shahin Novruzlu and fellow youth activists from the pro-democracy movement NIDA campaigned for democracy and against human rights abuses and widespread corruption in Azerbaijan. In February 2013 they created a Facebook event calling for a peaceful protest against injustice in the country. Shortly afterwards, Shahin and seven other NIDA activists were arrested. Some of them were tortured. As a result, Shahin, who was 17 years old at the time, lost four of his front teeth. His friend Mammad lost hearing in one ear. Help Shahin and his friends. Write to the President of Azerbaijan and urge him to immediately release the NIDA activists.
Stop Hate Crimes in Greece Roma communities have been at the receiving end of discrimination, intolerance and violence for a long time. It is time to stop this. Let us stand together against hate. Call on the Greek Minister of Justice to stand against hate crime and bring justice to the Roma community.
Barbados: take the first step to ending the death penalty! If the authorities in Barbados follow through on their promises, it would not only mean ending the mandatory death penalty in Barbados, but could encourage the Trinidadian authorities to do the same.
The time is up: protect civilians in Central African Republic Urge the UN Security Council to deploy effective short-term measures immediately and a strong UN Peacekeeping operation as quickly as possible.
Venezuela Protests: human rights at risk, people at risk Call on the Venezuelan government to investigate and prevent further human rights violations and abuses in the context of protests and open a dialogue with all parties to find an agreed solution.
No to confessions through torture in Russia. Take a stand against the widespread use of torture in Russia that is used to extract confessions and testimony. Call on the Russian authorities to effectively investigate the torture inflicted on Rasul Kudaev.
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