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Salil Shetty, Canberra, 2011. © Amnesty International/Andrew Taylor

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Press Releases

24 July 2014

USA: Another ‘botched’ execution, abolition the only solution

The prolonged execution of a prisoner in Arizona yesterday represents another wake-up call for authorities in the USA to abolish the death penalty, said Amnesty International.

  • Death Penalty
Region Americas
Country USA
24 July 2014

Ireland must amend abortion laws after sharp UN criticism

The Irish authorities must take urgent action to bring the country’s flawed abortion laws in line with its international human rights obligations, Amnesty International said following the UN Human Rights Committee’s strongly worded criticism of the Ireland’s stance on abortion

Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Ireland
24 July 2014

Landmark rulings expose Poland’s role in CIA secret detention and torture

Poland is the first European Union member state to be found complicit in the USA’s rendition, secret detention, and torture of alleged terrorism suspects, Amnesty International said as it applauded two landmark human rights judgments handed down today. 

Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Poland
23 July 2014

Mexico: Drop unfair charges against tortured prisoner of conscience

An undocumented migrant who was arrested and tortured by the Mexican police and army is currently facing an unfair trial solely because of his ethnicity and should be released immediately and unconditionally, said Amnesty International today, as it named him a prisoner of conscience.

  • Prisoners Of Conscience
Region Americas
Country Mexico
22 July 2014

The Gambia: Activists mark 20 years of iron fisted repression

The Gambian government must abolish the laws and iron fisted practices that have resulted in two decades of widespread human rights violations, Amnesty International said as it joined forces with other human rights groups for a global day of action marking 20 years since President Jammeh’s seizure of power.

22 July 2014

Indonesia: New President Widodo must make good on human rights pledges

Indonesia’s new President Joko Widodo must deliver on campaign promises to improve Indonesia’s dire human rights situation, Amnesty International said.

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Indonesia
22 July 2014

Faceless and forgotten: Karnataka's pre-trial detainees suffer because of faulty prison systems and failure to enforce laws

The Karnataka government must urgently identify and release eligible pre-trial detainees and show its commitment to respecting prisoners’ rights, Amnesty International India said today, as it launched a new campaign named “Take Injustice Personally”. 

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country India
21 July 2014

UK government accused of 'scraping legal barrel' in Belhaj rendition case

Ahead of a legal intervention by Amnesty International and others in the rendition case of the Libyan national Abdul-Hakim Belhaj, Amnesty International is warning that the UK government is “scraping the legal barrel” with its arguments in the case.
  • Disappearances And Abductions,
  • Stop Torture,
  • Torture And Ill-treatment
Region Europe And Central Asia
Country UK
21 July 2014

Israel/Gaza: Attacks on medical facilities and civilians add to war crime allegations

The continuing bombardment of civilian homes in several areas of the Gaza Strip, as well as the Israeli shelling of a hospital, add to the list of possible war crimes that demand an urgent independent international investigation, said Amnesty International. 

Region Middle East And North Africa
21 July 2014

Russia increases stranglehold on dissent as five more NGOs named ‘foreign agents’

The Russian Ministry of Justice today registered four more Russian human rights organizations and one environmental group as “foreign agents”, a further sign of the authorities’ growing stranglehold on freedom of expression, said Amnesty International. 

Region Europe And Central Asia

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