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Salil Shetty, Canberra, 2011. © Amnesty International/Andrew Taylor

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Press Releases

22 August 2014

China: Death row inmate freed after six years of trials and appeals

The rare acquittal of a death row prisoner in China, who had languished in prison through six years’ of appeals, is another reminder of the need to immediately end all executions and abolish the death penalty in the country, Amnesty International said.

  • Abolish the death penalty ,
  • Death Penalty
Region Asia And The Pacific
Country China
22 August 2014

‘Public execution’ in football stadium shows Libya’s descent into lawlessness

A shocking video showing an execution-style killing by an armed group at a football stadium in eastern Libya highlights the authorities’ failure to prevent parts of the country from descending into violence and lawlessness, Amnesty International said today. 

Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Libya
22 August 2014

Saudi Arabia: Scheduled beheading reflects authorities’ callous disregard to human rights

The current surge in executions in Saudi Arabia is continuing unabated with another beheading scheduled for Monday 25 August, said Amnesty International today.

  • Death Penalty
Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Saudi Arabia
22 August 2014

Gaza: Hamas must end summary executions as ‘informers’ face firing squad

Hamas must halt its campaign of summary executions of suspected collaborators, Amnesty International today said after at least 18 more Palestinians were put to death by firing squad for allegedly providing information to Israel.

  • Armed Conflict,
  • Extrajudicial Executions And Other Unlawful Killings
Region Middle East And North Africa
22 August 2014

Iraqi authorities must investigate ‘massacre’ at Sunni mosque

The Iraqi authorities must properly investigate the unlawful killing of dozens of worshippers at a Sunni mosque north-east of the capital Baghdad today, Amnesty International said.

Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Iraq
22 August 2014

Separatist forces in Ukraine accused of threatening mass ‘executions’

The armed group calling itself the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) must not carry out 'executions', including a reported threat of killing prisoners facing life sentences, Amnesty International said today. 

Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Ukraine
21 August 2014

Mali: Children still paying a high price in ongoing conflict

Children accused of being members of armed groups in the conflict in Mali are languishing in adult jails while human rights abuses continue, said Amnesty International in a short briefing published today.

Region Africa
Country Mali
20 August 2014

Syria: ‘Beheading’ of US reporter a war crime that highlights ‘chilling’ risk to journalists

 The apparent execution-style killing by the Islamic State (IS) armed group of a US reporter who went missing in Syria in 2012 constitutes a war crime and highlights the urgent need for all states with influence in the region to ensure other missing journalists are safely released, Amnesty International said today.  

Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Syria
19 August 2014

India: Release of prisoner of conscience Irom Sharmila “welcome but long overdue”

A Manipur court ruling directing the release of Prisoner of Conscience Irom Sharmila because there were no grounds for charging her with attempted suicide is a legal and moral victory for the activist and her 13 year-long hunger strike, Amnesty International India said today.     

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country India
18 August 2014

Nigeria: Destitute victims of forced eviction must be adequately compensated

The World Bank endorsed the Lagos state government’s inadequate compensation package for thousands of people forcibly evicted from an informal settlement, Amnesty International said in a report published today.

Region Africa
Country Nigeria

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