Art for Amnesty works with musicians, actors and artists around the world. By raising our profile and funds for our work, they help Amnesty International give human rights a more powerful voice.
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Posted 17:07 (GMT) May 19, 2014

Poems That Make Grown Men Cry

Grown men aren't supposed to cry. Anthony Holden and Ben Holden introduce a selection of poems that haunt a host of eminent men, from their new anthology in association with Amnesty International; they explain why, in words as moving as the poems themselves. With Melvyn Bragg, Richard Dawkins, Richard Eyre, Mike Leigh, Simon McBurney, Ian McEwan, Ben Okri, Simon Russell Beale and Simon Schama, and Kate Allen (Amnesty International UK). For more information:

And to watch footage of these poems and talks from the National Theatre:

Posted 10:09 (GMT) August 28, 2013
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